Seinasta freist og John Ashbery

Posted on 1 august 2017


John Ashbery, ein tann mætasti yrkjarin í USA varð 90 ár herfyri. Tað er sjálvandi við hesi sigandi yrking, at vit á Vencli minna á, at seinasta freistin at lata inn tilfar til Vencil nummar 18 er í dag.


Life is a Dream

A talent for self-realization
will get you only as far as the vacant lot
next to the lumber yard, where they have rollcall.
My name begins with an A,
so is one of the first to be read off.
I am wondering where to stand – could that group of three
or four others be the beginning of the line?

Before I have the chance to find out, a rodent-like
man pushes at my shoulders. “It’s that way,” he hisses. “Didn’t they teach youanything at school? That a photograph
of anything can be real, or maybe not? The corner of the stove,
a cloud of midges at dusk-time.”

I know I’ll have a chance to learn more
later on. Waiting is what’s called for, meanwhile.
It’s true that life can be anything, but certain things
definitely aren’t it. This gloved hand,
for instance, that glides
so securely into mine, as though it intends to stay.

John Ashbery

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